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PRE-LAUNCH OFFER – YourOnlineOrders is in pre-launch with a special deal until the official launch.

YourOnlineOrders is in pre-launch with a special deal until the official launch.


Get more customers and stop giving away your hard earned revenue.

Save 15% – 30% per order by integrating online ordering on your own restaurant website instead of paying for one of the commission based delivery apps.

YOUR Pick-up orders with or without delivery

Your restaurant online ordering system can be easily setup to accept orders for delivery as well as for pick-up with custom time slots!
But if you prefer not dealing with food deliveries and would rather leave it up to the other delivery companies to handle, then by all means continue using them for deliveries while using your own website strictly for food pick-up orders.

Save YOUR Time. Avoid Wrong Orders.

Save time with our restaurant online ordering system instead of spending all that extra time taking orders over the phone or in person.

Taking food orders over the phone can sometimes lead to miscommunication which will then lead to preparing the wrong orders and we all know how that ends. This is completely avoided by accepting online food orders, the customer is in charge of making the selection and then is able to confirm the order in black and white prior to checking out.


How does our pricing compare?

Other online food ordering and delivery platforms charge a hefty 30% commission (on average) on every order. YourOnlineOrders charge a fixed rate of 50¢ per order.

Use this nifty calculator to see how much your restaurant can be saving with us compared to the other platforms. Just enter your typical food orders per month and the average value for each order.

Modern & Functional
Website Design

Try our online food ordering demo website which is designed to be both functional and beautiful. You will find that all our layouts are geared specifically towards the restaurant industry. Layout sections can be customized to your specific needs.

All our restaurant online ordering system plans include a Home page, Online ordering page and a Contact page. We will customize your website with your colours, content and images.

Promote YOUR brand

The added benefit of having your own restaurant online ordering website allows you to to promote your restaurant instead of promoting a third party app.

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Support local – support YOUR staff.

Allowing customers to order directly from your restaurant website gives you the ability
to use your employees for delivery and keeping them employed.

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